Growing up with the bookmobile!

                Easy access to great books is a crucial ingredient for a healthy childhood...and beyond...

A volunteer, a friend, her baby and his first book of animals

Teachers finding favorites for their classrooms

The entire Forestville School & Academy scored new reads

Director Glen Weaver enjoying the part of Big Green Monster

Kids are fascinated by the bookmobile vehicle

English as a Second Language (ESL) students at the Graton Day Labor Center



Volunteer Alison Finch shows kids from a Windsor Boys & Girls Club how to find their favorites


Supporting single mothers at The Living Room in partnership with Kate Farrell of the Women's National Book Association San Francisco Chapter

Rain didn't keep these Jenner readers away



Honoring hard-working SCPLF board member Dan Jenkins with an on-board plaque. Dan was key in bringing the bookmobile and the Library Foundation together.

Excitement for reading at Monte Rio Union School

The Free Bookmobile is also a cozy place to read


Dusk in Boyes Hot Springs

This mom is learning English as her kids grow up

These Roseland preschoolers seem pretty happy with their bookmobile experience!

Meeting an important goal: boys engrossed in books

One of our many beautiful thank-you cards


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