Getting A Well Deserved Make-Over

                Don't forget to wave when you see us out and about!

The sun dawns on our new paint and graphics

Some of the major sponsors that keep us rolling

Some of our biggest fans at a local preschool


Cheerful VFD supporters cradle their new books in Camp Meeker 


View through the rear window as the lights come on for an evening event


United Way of the Wine Country's Stacy Ruppert: over 8,000 children's books collected for us to give away! 




Families enjoying the expanded selection

Being honored at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts Volunteer Appreciation Night


Behind the scenes in our storage and sorting facility.  Our new heavy-duty shelving is a huge improvement.




A big crowd lines up at Movies in the Park in Petaluma

These sisters all found great books to take home in Boyes Hot Springs


Director Glen Weaver reads to the little ones during a visit to the Paulin Creek Child Development Center

Exercise and reading - keeping both the body and mind strong!





Showing off our colors on a warm Geyserville weekend


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